A Tuesday Night in Meadville

Photo Credit: Lisa Bower

I'm a lucky guy: I have a beautiful wife & kids, strong support system with friends & family, a career that a I absolutely love and some great experiences with said career.  That being said, I had an experience recently that I never thought I would have: Being on TV show.  My doubt of said experience was first documented in my high school yearbook as a few of my classmates wrote that I would be on TV someday.  In particular, I remember my old friend (same age...) Bill Pantuso stating that I would be on TV.  Well Bill...you were right!!!!  

On June 23rd I packed up my gear, family and bandmate Brett P and headed to Meadville to record an episode of Dirty Dog Live!  You're probably wondering how I got that gig?  I give credit to another good friend of mine/musical colleague Jeff Fetterman giving me a glowing recommendation.  With the grace of social media, Jeff tagged my name in a post directing me to see that Dirty Dog Live needed someone to teach a guitar lesson to children and have it recorded.  Following some dialogue with Lisa Bower and the glowing recommendation from Jeff Fetterman I got the gig.  

So... here's the episode for your viewing pleasure.  I hope you enjoy it!!!

Dirty Dog Live Ep. #73

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