Off this weekend...

Last summer... Jack joined us for a couple of tunes.

         The weekend is almost here!!!  Time to get ready for the next gig...NOT!!!  Not to mention any venues but, due to a cancellation, we're off this weekend.  So, a change in plans: Catch up on some laundry, clean the house, do something with my wife & kids: Sleeping downstairs with Jack, taking Madison to see Cinderella (girls day out, that is) & haircuts for the boys are already scheduled.  

       So what happens to guitar playing?  Don't worry... I'll make sure that it happens.  Typically, I won't get as much playing in as we'll try to get out of the house for some of the weekend.  Also, minimal regimented practice will happen as I don't need to review any songs for gigs.  Lately, I'm on this Noah's Ark kick (having two of everything) so I'll review my list of essentials for gig gear and stalk eBay for some discount items (already found a backup power cable for my amp & an Amp Blender is on on the way today).  One big project that I'll do is changing strings.  This isn't major, but the robot guitars force me to read the manual again. 

With that, I'm keeping this entry short today.  I look forward to seeing you next weekend out supporting local live entertainment.  In particular, seeing Clean Slate in action!!!

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