My Favorite Holiday

     So many holidays to choose from including the major holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter) to the manufactured holidays (Grandparents Day, Administrative Assistants Week, Sweetest Day).  I can live with them or without.  My favorite holiday is not on the calendar and can happen sporadically.  My favorite holiday is.... NEW GEAR DAY!!!!

     New Gear Day is the holiday that celebrates the new purchase of musical equipment.  It can be celebrated if the gear is for you or someone else.  It can be absolutely new gear or gear that is purchased used.  You can even go as far as celebrating when you sell your gear because you've freed up space and cap room to buy more gear!!!!  Personally, I like all scenarios to celebrate NEW GEAR DAY!!!

My dog Penelope is just as curious!
     I am inspired to write this post because I am celebrating New Gear Day (as of this post is being generated).  At 11:40am on March 19, 2015, I heard the pitter patter of the Fed Ex man's feet on my porch.  I didn't need to look at the calendar to know he'd be coming today... I had the tracking number.  As he walked up my stairs I could feel my heartbeat increasing and a surge of adrenaline almost sending me through the front door.  The Fed Ex guy and I have done this dance before as he often responds to my gleeful appearance with "what did you buy now?"  I am a happy to oblige him with an answer each time as I think it makes his day.  Quickly we end the conversation and I rush back into the house to gently open the box.  In this particular instance (and most others) there is a box inside the box!  I try to keep both boxes in functional shape as you never know if you'll need them again.  Once they're opened I extract my new gear from the boxes.  Plug it, plug in cables, the pedalboard and BOOM!!!!!!!!  My new purchase is working!!!!

The box within the box
     As I mentioned, you can celebrate the purchases of others.  Typically, I get to join in on the excitement of a student bringing in a new guitar.  To them, I refer to "NEW GUITAR DAY" instead of the previous NEW GEAR DAY as a sub-holiday.  It's beautiful to watch the look in their eyes when they open a foreign case and out comes the new acquisition.  Since most new guitar owners are early on in their learning I will play their guitar to show them the possibilities down the road for them: It's the least you can do.  Sometimes this leads to new strings added to the new guitar which really raises the excitement level.  For me it's exciting to see that look on their faces as they're proud to show you what they have.  Also, it's a very fragile moment as they look to you for approval of their new instrument, so be careful. 
The Vox out of the box.... it's the one in the middle. 
       I hope at some point soon you have a happy NEW GEAR DAY!!!  This is not a holiday specific to musicians but can be for anything.  So, remember how special that purchase was as it probably made you very happy!!!

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