Naming Guitars

Gibson guitar...Fender shirt...Wasn't expecting pictures that day...

     Welcome back!!!  I really enjoyed drafting the first entry so much that I figured why not post a second?  Regardless, I'll be discussing my thoughts on naming guitars and why my guitars have the names they have.

     Over the years I've known guitar players that have named their guitars and others that think it's just plain stupid to name an instrument.  Regardless, I'm one of the "namers."  My reasoning? I have a few of them:

   1. Owning a guitar can be a rewarding relationship.  Unlike most human relationships, you immediately get the appropriate feedback for what you've put into it (i.e., if you play mad, you get mad sounding music in return.  Other feelings... same result).

   2. They're beautiful!!!!  Not just in appearance but sound and feel as well (okay... a little creepy but you get it 😕).

   3. It's a challenge to come up with the right name.  Keep in mind, I'm the guy that lobbied to name his oldest son Coltrane (which would've been cool).  I almost won the second time when we found out Alex would have a brother: "How about Eddie?"  almost worked until it slipped that I was referencing the Van Halen brothers 🎸🎸🎸

So, I have eight (8) guitars in the guitar cave: Two Fenders, Three Gibsons, Two Gretsch and a slide guitar (there's more to that story).

FENDER:  50th Anniversary Stratocaster and an American Special Telecaster aka- "Josie" and "Blondie."  Josie (Strat), not only a Steely Dan tune, but also a great name for a girl.  I never dated a girl named Josie so I guess that fantasy is fulfilled 🙌.  Blondie was my wife's idea as I was thinking "dead man walking" when she noticed I'd purchased yet another guitar.  I was so relieved when she asked about her name.
A little Tom Foolery with Josie
GIBSON:  2011 60's Tribute SG (Layla), 2014 SG Futura (Ginger Quicksilver) and a 2015 Les Paul Studio (Fiona). Layla was a gift from a friend that doesn't name his guitars.  Again, I just love the name 😍. Ginger Quicksilver has two references with one being champagne related and the other one from X-Men.  Fiona got her name because she looks like a Fiona to me.
Layla & Ginger

GRETSCH: 5120 Hollowbody (Gretschen) and a Jumbo Rancher Acoustic (Georgia).  Gretschen is a typical Gretsch name while Georgia's color is Savannah Sunrise.  Again, simple reasoning.


AND THEN... There's the slide guitar.  I won't even state the brand nor have I given this guitar a name.  I admit that it looks cool but hasn't been one I've bonded with.  It happens.  So, it sits there nameless for now.

So you want to name your guitar?  Make it a good one...

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