I've been playing guitar for 30 years!!!
... I guess I'm getting older.

     Since elementary school, I've been interested in playing the guitar.  Like many of my peers, I was inspired by my first Kiss albums... Ace Frehley being my first guitar hero.  My love for continued to develop as I discovered the music of Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, SRV, Eric Clapton and many others.  
     Fast forward to today: I am a full-time guitar & ukulele  instructor/business owner, bandleader, sideman, clinician, music teacher and whatever else I need to do to stay on top of the whole ball of wax.    I'm  doing something I've always dreamed of doing as it is truly a labor of love.  Furthermore, my past history of working in the mental health field has allowed me to teach students with a variety of emotional and developmental needs (i.e., autism, anxiety issues, attention-deficit related issues, etc.) through music. 
     To learn more about what I'm up to and have done please visit the other pages on this site.  You can also message me.


     MS Ed in Counselor Education (School-based) from Saint Bonaventure University, 2000.

     BA in Human Relations from the University of Pittsburgh, 1994. 

* I am a firm believer in background checks for individuals working in any capacity.  Therefore, all of my child clearances are current and available for your review.